Undergraduate Courses

A few of the undergraduate courses I’ve taught:

Northern Arizona University

English 411C: Trends in Rhetoric, Culture, and Society: Graphic and Embodied Rhetorics


University of Rhode Island

Writing and Rhetoric 435/Education 435: Teaching Composition

WRT/EDC 435 Course Description/Introduction
WRT/EDC 435 Course Schedule
WRT/EDC 435 Assignments

WRT 305: Travel Writing (Online)

Travel Writing Syllabus
Travel Writing Assignments

WRT 490: Composing Processes, Audience, and Rhetorical Theories

WRT 490 Syllabus
WRT 490 Assignments

Writing and Rhetoric 306: Writing Health and Disability

Writing and Rhetoric 304: Writing and/for Community Service

Honors Program 112: Ethnographic Writing

Writing and Rhetoric 104: Writing to Inform and Explain