Student Feedback

Samples of feedback from students in various classes at various levels

English 562, Intro to Rhetorical and Composition Theory, Spring 2020, online intensive seminar (7.5-week seminar in progress)

From Mid-term Check-ins and emails about how the class is going:

English 601 at NAU, Teaching Practicum, Fall 2019

From Final Course Evaluations--"What I liked best about this course was: "

English 411C at NAU, Embodied and Graphic Rhetorics Capstone, Spring 2019

Writing and Rhetoric 305 at URI, Travel Writing, Spring 2013

Writing and Rhetoric 645 at URI, Rhetorics of Reproduction Seminar, Spring 2009

Rhetoric 105 at U Illinois, Principles of Composition Fall 2001-Fall 2004